Day 1 Summary – Success & Pizza Temperance

18 Sep

As I wrote about yesterday, I’m throttling my unwanted gluttonous streak for seven days by counting calories and eating mindfully, as well as pushing myself to score 15,000 on my ever-present pedometer.

Day 1 – Tuesday, Sept. 17

  • Steps Taken: 16,418
  • Calories consumed:  1,782
  • Morning Weight: 138.2
  • 24 Hour Weight Loss:  .6

I’ve read that it’s pointless to compare one day’s weight to the next, but to focus instead on week to week tallies. Nevertheless, I’m going to post my weight daily. Stepping on the scale is the first thing I do each morning. Our scale is upstairs in that unnecessarily large area between the three bedrooms, a closet, and the bathroom. I know there’s a name for this spot, but I can’t think of it. I tend to call it wasted space.

A curious reader asked why this is a seven day thing and not, like, a month.

Well, curious reader, it’s because I want to WIN at this game. A month would be tough. If, instead of referring to this as a “challenge,” I said “Man I wish I could do blah, blah, blah for a month,” I’d probably fail miserably. But as it is, I set the goal and I’m gonna do my best to reach it. If it goes well and I get my ass back into a healthy groove, I’ll do it again or add something to it, like a daily run of at least two miles. We’ll see. 

The Great Temptress, PIZZA, almost screwed me over on Day One. I needed something quick and easy, and we had an Amy’s “no cheese” Roasted Vegetable pizza in the freezer for Jennifer and I and a cheese and veggie pizza for the girls. I had only 300 calories to spare after eating the biggest salad EVER in the history of Earth, so I devoured a third of the vegan pizza and let Jennifer have the rest, which made her extremely happy. The entire pizza topped out at 840 calories. On a normal day I could eat the entire thing.

The real problem came when I pulled the cheese pizza from the toaster oven. I fought back the urge to eat a piece, because that would have turned into two and then three and possibly four. That moment when I resisted, when I put the stupid pizza down, exemplifies why I’m doing this: to pressure some goddam self-control.

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