My Seven Day “Step and Calorie” Challenge

17 Sep

When I put my ice cream bowl in the sink last night I got the idea–forced myself to have some kind of behavior altering idea–to put myself on a seven day “steps and calories” challenge with the daily goal of logging at least 15,000 steps and consuming less than 1,800 calories.

Why am I doing this?

  • To lose a few pounds – This morning the scale read 138.8. After seven days I’d be thrilled to be at 135. That’s my “fighting” weight. In my adult life I’ve weighed between 126 and 155 pounds. That low end is way too light and the high is way too heavy. In my early twenties I decided I was going to do something about being so skinny, so I started eating horribly unhealthful. Then one day I was brushing my teeth in front of the mirror in the hall and noticed some belly hanging over my pants. Oh my God! That was the last time I’ve ever tried to gain weight. I was probably at my heaviest on that day, but quickly slimmed down to something more reasonable. I weighed 126 for a short time just a couple of years ago when I was experimenting with the calorie restriction lifestyle. There exists a whole society of CR people! If you don’t want to click on the CR links, I’ll summarize in one sentence: Studies show that people live longer when they eat less–more specifically, 20% less. I’d like to have the discipline to do that, but, as you can guess, it’s damn difficult. I don’t need to look like welterweight boxer, but it’s important that I don’t have flab hanging over my shorts. Ever.
  • To stop mindless eating – I do a lot of this in the evenings. Picture a shirtless man with a spoon and a jar of homemade almond butter staring into the cabinet wishing he could find some goddam chocolate. Last night it was ice cream. I shove food into my mouth whether I’m hungry or not. I guess it’s emotional eating. I’ll talk to a therapist about this some day.
  • For an excuse or a reason to write every day – I’ve been feeling some kind of pressure to write in a certain way lately and it’s killing me. (You’re killing me Smalls!). When I decided to do this last night, I immediately thought Hey, I can blog about this and it will keep me accountable.

This is my pedometer I’ll be using. Yeah, I don’t have a fancy fitness tracker that’ll weigh my bowel movements and predict the future and rub my balls and all the other stuff they do, but I like the inexpensive Omron. It’s my second one. My wife has the Fitbit One; my sister-in-law has the Fitbit Zip. I’ll be tracking my calories here on the CRON-O-Meter (CRON is an acronym for calorie restriction, optimal nutrition.)

Well, it’s 3:00 on day one and everything is going smoothly. I have half of my gigantic 1,500 calorie salad left to eat and my pedometer says I’ve already taken 12,000 steps.

I’ll report back tomorrow.

2 Responses to “My Seven Day “Step and Calorie” Challenge”


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