Lift – Because I Need Help Doing Shit

24 Jul

Lift Logo

I don’t know what my problem’s been, but I’ve tried three times before today to write a post about this website I’ve been using to build positive habits and to squelch bad ones. I’d write something and get bored after a few sentences. I’d yell “screw it!” Then I’d go eat chocolate. I have no clue why. Today I’m powering through to break out of this blogging slump.

The website and app is called Lift

From the peeps at Lift: “Lift helps you track and achieve habits through data visualization, streaks, and community support.”

If you’re like me you want to be healthy and happy. To do this I need to do healthy stuff every day. Right now I have 27 habits on my Lift page. Here are some of them: Run, Read, No TV, No sugar, Meditate, Yoga or stretch, Eat a vegan diet, No food after 6, and Clean for 15 minutes.

Two years ago I created a similar system on paper to keep my life on track. I think I called it my “Healthy Living Check List.” Yeah, kind of lame, huh? I assigned points to each habit to make a game out of it. The harder stuff was worth more points. For instance, “run” was worth five points. Each time I walked the dogs, two points. The more I completed my daily goals the higher my score. 

Unfortunately, this habit of tracking my habits didn’t stick because I kept messing with the points or adding/subtracting habits. This would make comparing point totals over time meaningless. A bad day meant I would conveniently forget to even mess with the damn thing, thus defeating the whole purpose. I didn’t want to face the fact that I had scored, like, ten points after scoring sixty the day before.

I thought it was a good idea and If I were smarter I would have translated it into an online site and mobile app and made a million dollars. IF. IF. IF.

So Lift is like my old fashioned paper habit tracker, but instead of points, I receive encouragement through nifty graphs, daily e-mails and from other people who are striving for the same things. If I’m on a five day streak of running, they let me know and it makes me feel good and encourages me to continue.

I use Google Chrome browser. (If you’re still using Internet Explorer, get your head in the game and download Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.) I keep a Lift tab open on our PC in the basement, on the laptop I’m pecking away on right now, and on my tablet. There’s also an iPhone app.

It’s easy to add habits. You can look through what other people are doing or you can search. Simply entering the word “eat” and searching will give you all kinds of ideas, like “eat breakfast,” “eat fruit,” “eat clean,” and “eat vegetarian.”

If you’re not like me and you don’t have a list of things you want to accomplish each day, then I am completely baffled by you. You should be just like me! Just kidding.

I know for some people their day goes like this: Get up, take a shower, grab a banana and a Coke, drive to work, do what you’re told for 8 hours, drive home, eat, spend 30 minutes with your family and then watch whatever’s on TV until you fall asleep on the couch.

Wow. What a day. If this is you (or maybe you grab a Mountain Dew and a granola bar in the morning) I think you might benefit from something like Lift.

One Response to “Lift – Because I Need Help Doing Shit”

  1. White Pearl August 4, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    Seems like a wonderful app ! Great article 🙂 xx

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