Craigslist is Great Fun

11 Jun


Craigslist is hilarious and I’m not even talking about the “casual encounters” section. I’m studying the shit for sale. Have you spent much time on Craigslist? Go there now and check out what people are giving away and then spend some time in “Collectibles.”

You can easily find a hot tub for free, but Perfect Strangers trading cards will cost you $5.

Tool shed, free!

Couches and television are a dime a dozen. Well, I mean zero a dozen; leave your dime at home.

South Park candy jar, $30. Mickey Mouse telephone, $38. Budweiser stein, $85!

Are you fu*!ing kidding me? Or, what I should have said: AYFKM? I would walk right past that “stein” at Goodwill, even if it had a huge FREE sign on it. 

Free cat. Free entertainment stands. Free pianos. Free windows. Free gas grills.

Crappy looking Kansas City Chiefs hat, $10. Huh?

Major League Baseball shot glass collection, $325. OMFG.

So what do these Craigslist ads say about humanity?

  • People love to collect, which is a synonym for hoard.
  • People have a hard time giving up their “collectibles.” After investing tons of time and money on their hoard, they lose interest but would feel stupid throwing it all in the trash or giving it away, so they list their junk on Craigslist for $50 and then $40 and then $30, $20, $10 and eventually find another lunatic to pay a couple of bucks for it. 
  • People hate messing with large, unwieldy items. When they buy a new couch the old one turns into a big turd, something that must be taken away . . . NOW.
  • People love sports memorabilia.

But I shouldn’t make fun of people. I had a modest key chain collection as a kid. My wife seems to be collecting glass bowls and saucers and pitchers and cups.

And I’m collecting Craigslist ads of people selling collections.

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