No Power, Hella Marshmallows, and Magic Smoothies

2 Jun

I know I sometimes yammer on about simple living, but this is ridiculous: Friday night storms knocked out our electricity leaving me banging around the house with a wind-up flashlight (until I found a head lamp!) and then the next morning, after sleeping with no air circulation or “sound machine,” I had to travel all the way to Troy for WiFi and coffee.

As of Sunday morning, our neighborhood is still dark. And then I read this:

Three tractor-trailers overturned Friday night on interstates in Madison and Bond counties, according to Illinois State Police. One contained 27,000 pounds of marshmallows.

Can you imagine 27,000 pounds of marshmallows? Marshmallows are so light they almost float up to the ceiling.

The neighborhood is quiet but for the hum of generators, which plant thoughts of happy, smiling people with working lights that aren’t strapped to their heads, eating ice cream from running freezers, and watching hilarious new releases on charged laptops.

I’ve paused in front of generators in home improvement stores (Man tries to saw arms off in Home Depot), noticed their cost and size, and then walked on, thinking How often would we need that? Once every five years?  Disaster preparedness is not one of our top skills. We had to use our two tiny candles to locate our two tiny flashlights that are hard to locate when we HAVE power.

Other issues:

  • My pants are probably on backwards right now.
  • Mild temperatures are doing funky things to the lentils in the refrigerator. 
  • The kids get extra creative when the power goes out, but, sadly, this extra mental energy is wasted on trying to get power to any device that will play a movie.

* * *

My wife would be disappointed if I didn’t mention this short conversation from last night as we languished without power.

Note: we normally make smoothies with almond milk, but we’re all out.

Her: Well, I guess we’ll just have to have smoothies tonight.

(I do mental fist pumps at this because I’ve caught her saying something ridiculous, because, you know, we can’t make smoothies by twirling our fingers really fast in a cup of frozen fruit.)

Me: And how are we going to make smoothies?

(She looks at me like I’m the dumbest guy on the planet and says this with actual attitude, like she wanted to add a “DUH” to the end of it.)

Her: Uh, water!

I laugh and make fun of her and then run to tell the girls what mommy just said. They laugh. Then we all make fun of her and I think “I’ll  have to blog about this in the morning.”

And then I do.




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