Spinning Off Minimalism

29 May


Nothing too terribly hilarious or painful has happened to me lately. Hence, the dearth of new blog content. I haven’t fallen down stairs in months, it seems.

I’ve again shut down the t-shirt business because, frankly, it’s in opposition to my recently strengthened priorities of anti-consumption and minimalism. Sure, it’s easy money, but I have to align my work with my values. It’s like working as a pimp and giving money to V-Day, a charity to help end violence against woman; it just doesn’t jive.

Speaking of minimalism, since I added the my stuff page, I’ve been working on my possessions behind the scenes, not blogging about every pair of socks I own–organizing, axing, and counting. I’m standing somewhere around 120 items. Again, I want to stress the reasoning behind this seemingly pointless exercise.

Three Reasons I Counted My Stuff

  • “The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates said this and I try live by it. To me, it means examining the internal and external, my thought processes and my physical surroundings. This process has me asking what I need to be happy, like, do I need 25 shirts and 19 pairs of shoes to be happy? The answer, of course, is no.   
  • To remove the fluffy excess from my life, to cut the fat (to use a nasty, carnivorous idiom). I now use all of what I own and I know where everything is. I have more space and less junk to worry about. I switched dwellings ten times over a ten year period earlier in life, so when considering an item to add to our home, it’s always in the back of my mind: I’m going to have to move this some day.
  • Less stress! Clutter and waste drive me batty. Simplicity = happiness.

I have my physical shit together, but my blogging life is a mess. I have ten blogs registered. Sadly, I begin and then abandon them. My newest, which is currently empty, will be notbuyingit.net, which will cover simple living. It’s a broad topic, but If I had to communicate the purpose of this new blog in one sentence . . .

To show people how to consume less to make more time for the things that are important to them and to cut out all the bullshit. 

Subtopics: cycling instead of drivingconspicuous consumption, hyper consumerism, tiny or “micro” houses, television and smart phone addiction, advertising, and all that kind of stuff.

Though I wrote “to show people,” what I really mean is that I’m learning as I go and wish to pass on that knowledge to those interested. I hate sounding like I have life all figured out, because I don’t.

Peace, y’all.

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