Murder! A Drill to the Head! (or my daughter’s first cavity)

21 Sep

I took the girls to the dentist on Tuesday. Usually, it’s “Oh your teeth look great. What flavor of polish would you like. See you in six months.” Not this time. Dr. English told me a remnant of a bite ramp in Chloe’s braces had caused a pinhole cavity. He lost me at “bike ramp,” which is what I thought he said. What the hell’s a bite ramp? He told me but I still don’t know.

Shit. Her first cavity. I thought of the drill, the horrifying sound of that goddamn drill. And the smell. And–Jesus!–the shot to the gums.

“Oh, you can fill the cavity today? You mean right now?”

I stood behind Ainsley as she dug through a box of toys rewarded for surviving another checkup and cleaning. In the hall I could turn right and sit in the lounge with a magazine, or I could turn left and sit in on Chloe’s drill’n’fill. A moral dilemma.

I thought I should least check on her. I left Ainsley at the box because she couldn’t decide on what to take. (After ten minutes she settled on an eraser.) I searched Chloe for signs of anxiety, but found nothing as she sat calmly watching TV, waiting on Dr. English. I decided to sit in the empty chair in the corner. I mean, what kind of father would I be to abandon my oldest daughter during her first major surgery?

I was especially worried about the numbing shot that might be in store for her. That was sure to bring tears. Holy shit, I can’t handle that, I thought. I looked at the five-foot-tall black and white poster of some guy’s head and his humongous, freaky-white bright teeth. Why do dentists hang these god-awful prints? I don’t need to see a model’s brilliant four-inch tall teeth to know I drink too much coffee and tea and could use a bleaching. At least it was taking my mind off of Chloe’s impending torture.

The next thing I know there’s the dentist and his drill. No shot! Yes! But then the drilling commenced. A cloud of tooth detritus exploded from Chloe’s mouth. Her legs tensed. Oh my god I have to get out of here! My toes twisted and scrunched in my shoes. I crossed my legs and rubbed my chicken-skinned arms. I watched her face knowing pain would be visiting her any second. Oh my god he drilled too deep! And no anesthesia! I’m going to kill this monster who calls himself English! He’s probably not a real dentist anyway! The quack orthodontist caused a cavity and now the maniac dentist is trying to kill my daughter. I admit: some irrational thoughts were bombarding me, but then–just like that– it was all over. The room was quiet. Chloe was alive and seemingly uninjured.

Next time, this father is staying up front with a magazine and ear plugs.

2 Responses to “Murder! A Drill to the Head! (or my daughter’s first cavity)”

  1. ackglg September 21, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    I have 2 appointments today. 1 pm cleaning and 145 fillings. Im scared to death. Sick to my stomach and really wanting to cancel but ive had a screaming tooth ache for a week now! Cam got his first filling w no shots a couple weeks ago. He trembled all over and cried the whole time but said it didnt hurt…i plan on ear plugs turned up as loud as they go!!

    • fightn4it September 21, 2012 at 9:56 am #

      Yeah, it’s not supposed to hurt, but, still, it’s no fun.

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