House Hunters is Fake: One More Reason to Walk Away from the Couch

9 Jul

Why It Matters That House Hunters Is Fake

And read this Washington Post article too.

What? House Hunters is fake? If you’re a fan of the show, I’ll bet you’re a little miffed. I knew it was a part of the big shit hole they call “reality TV” (read: not so much reality), but now we know just how pathetic it can be.

Here’s a quick overview of their deceit. They pretty much make up everything. Oh, you’ve already purchased a house? Let’s “craft a narrative.” Let’s pretend you haven’t bought a house and let’s also pretend that you’re desperately looking for more square footage. And then we want you to “tour” your friends’ houses (which aren’t even for sale) and act like you’re torn between them. And, um, sir, could you act a little bit more excited about the size of this bathroom?

The real sad part is the people who waste hours and hours of their lives sitting on the couch watching this crap. The sisterhood of women can shout out “But what about men and their sports?” and I agree. But it’s somehow more sinister when you find out you’ve spent five hundred hours of your life on a show that’s morally crooked. Wouldn’t it be like finding out that professional football is rigged?

In this fleeting life, the outcome of a football game is just as meaningless as some strange family’s decision to live here or there. Maybe I’ve watched an episode of House Hunters … no, actually I haven’t, but I have walked into the room, looked at the TV and caught a few seconds–a minute here and there–in the process of asking my wife a question (or whatever) and if you add up all those seconds, it amounts to a full episode. And I don’t see the appeal.

But the show appears to be popular and it wouldn’t surprise me if people shrug off this bit of news. People want escapist entertainment, to forget about this “hard” life and focus in on the “lives” of strangers, even if those lives are created by producers with one goal in mind: to make as much money as possible.

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