Perverts with Video Cameras

31 May

Here’s a study for you. I’d like to know what percentage of men are capable of secretly videotaping naked women. I don’t know how you’d go about this, maybe combine psychological tests with a truth drug. I would guess 3%. I’m in the 97%, but I can see through walls anyway.

This story shocked Edwardsville in April. I always thought this dude was  creepy looking, but otherwise an all-around decent guy. Then he was busted videotaping a woman at the Image Sun tanning salon. She was facing away from the wall he was behind, and saw his hand and phone in the mirror in front of her. She yelled out something like, “Asshole!” and then alerted the front desk who called police–the perv’s buddies.

Every kid in the district goes through the fifth grade D.A.R.E. program, so tons of kids get to know Officer Collins. My daughter knew him. She’d always say “There’s Officer Collins!” when we spotted him around town. He performed this service for 13 years. That makes his one of the most recognized faces in the city.

It’s outrageous to me that he would risk everything–his current job, his future career options, his marriage, his freedom–for a couple of cheap thrills. Law enforcement and community service was his life. And yet he stood there in the tanning salon, maybe naked, holding that cell phone, and made the decision to commit a felony. Apparently he misjudged the risk. Or he’s stupid.

Shortly after his arrest and release, I thought I saw him at my younger daughter’s school. A bald guy walked by my car as I sat eating a salad. I was like “You’ve got to be shitting me!” It wasn’t about him being around kids, but him being out in public after such an embarrassment. So I took a few more bites and jumped out to follow him. I had to see if it was him and I wanted to see how the other parents reacted. I wanted to see people awkwardly avoiding him.

For a few minutes I felt like a cop tracking a suspect. I wanted to approach in stealth mode, sprinting from tree to tree, but decided to go casual. Kids eventually exit the school from two doors 40 yards apart. This bald guy walked to the door my daughter doesn’t come from, so I had to go out of my way to circle around in front of him.

Damn. It wasn’t Mr.Peepers. I was disappointed.

* * *

And then we have this guy in St. Charles. It was easier for him; he owned the business and preyed on clients. One of them found a camera in a tissue box. Police found 140 videos of women taken in bathroom stalls, tanning beds, and massage therapy rooms.

* * *

 This guy was a teacher, videotaping high school girls, clothed. He zoomed in on certain body parts.

Bad Teacher

* * *

And finally, this creepy guy was busted using a pen camera hidden in a magazine (Pervert Illustrated?) recording women in shorts and skirts from an “upward angle.”


* * *

It’s not a stretch to say this type of crime in increasing. And not just in my neighborhood. Every creep has a video camera in his pocket. Maybe the silver lining is that, in the past, perverts would put themselves in position to peep on women with their own eyes. Now they’re using cameras and leaving behind incriminating evidence.

Let’s picture our Edwardsville cop in 1998, in the same tanning salon, with no phone, standing on a chair with his head (perhaps with hair) over that wall. She sees him, but he’s a respected cop. No evidence of prior malfeasance. I don’t know, maybe he goes free.

But in 2012, he’s screwed. They’re all screwed.

One Response to “Perverts with Video Cameras”

  1. a.eye June 1, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    The guy taking the pictures of the girls in high school… did so with a camera hidden in a pen. Totally weird and totally disgusting. Kids later recalled him always with the pen even when he was walking around the classroom – click, click, clicking away.

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