The Evolution of Me, or, How I Used to Watch Football

16 Jan

I tried to watch my first football game of the season last night. I mean, it IS the playoffs. I turned on the TV, adjusted the antenna, and sat down to watch the Atlanta Falcons play the Green Bay Packers. It kind of brought back the thrill I remember of seeing the great catch, or the long kick-off return, the hard hit, whatever, but I couldn’t make it through. I turned it off at halftime to read.

Years ago, I didn’t have to think about it, it was a given that I was going to watch the Chicago Bears every week (and probably the Monday night game no matter who was playing) and definitely all the playoff games. It was just what guys are supposed to do, right? I got bored watching last year’s Super Bowl; that never happened before. I sat on the couch with a book to read during the commercials (yeah, I know, the commercials are an event in themselves, but they’re still just commercials, large corporations trying to sell us shit we don’t need) and I watched at first, but as the Super game wore on, and it turned into something not-so-super, I read more and watched less.

I used to watch tons of baseball too. For three consecutive years, I have purchased the right to watch any out-of-market baseball game online. Each year, it turns out to be a colossal waste of money because I will watch a few games in April and then forget about the rest of the loooong season (Major League Baseball loves me). But, at any point between April and October, I will know how the Cubs are doing, who’s sucking, who’s not, etc. I use the internet to follow the game, but it takes up too much time to watch.

As a kid, when the Cubs would play a game on the west coast, I couldn’t stay up to watch and then the next morning the score wouldn’t be in the newspaper either because it was too late for them to report on it. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t find out the results until THE NEXT morning.

I used to watch tons of basketball too, the Fighting Illini, the Bulls, whatever was on. Then I would devour the NCAA tournament in March and then the NBA playoffs, which drag on until summer. I haven’t watched a college basketball game since North Carolina beat Illinois in the title game in 2005.

I used to watch tennis, stock car racing, hockey. Now, you would have to walk into our house with a gun, tie me up, and force me to watch that stuff. And if it’s golf, you’re gonna hafta prop my eyes open with toothpicks. Or just shoot me.

In a couple of hours, the Bears are playing the Seahawks. It’s a Sunday afternoon, NFL playoff game with the team I’ve been watching since the age of ten.

Will I be watching?

Not sure yet.


2 Responses to “The Evolution of Me, or, How I Used to Watch Football”

  1. mom January 17, 2011 at 6:06 am #

    Did you watch?

  2. fightn4it January 17, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    I watched half of the 4th quarter upstairs. I was working in the basement without access or I would have at least had it on. Next week I think I’ll make sure to watch. If they win, they go to the Super Bowl again.

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