A Full Day Ahead

10 Oct

While any kind of regular writing schedule I once maintained has vanished, I have managed to implement an early morning yoga habit and a mid-afternoon juicing regimen. Some people can do their thing at a 9 to 5  job, come home and veg in front of the TV and call that a perfect day and sleep like a baby. Sadly, I have a long list of crazy shit to accomplish or I lie awake at night feeling worthless.

  • Meditate. I know, people think this is “weird,” but really, if you read about the benefits, it’s weird not to fit this into your day. I’m currently doing 30 minutes in the morning.
  • Running. Actually, I jog slow. I don’t go far (1.5 to 3.1 miles), but a good day is a day I get out there and run.
  • Juicing. Yesterday, I had a giant glass of juice that contained the following: apple, lemon, plum, garlic, kale, beet, chard, parsley, cilantro, cinnamon, carrot, and collard greens. It wasn’t bad, but the garlic–it was the first time I’ve ever juiced garlic–gave it a kick that made me sweat while drinking it. I have an Omega 8003 Nutrition Center. It cost $229 and it was worth it. On this list, juicing is the one thing that occasionally falls off and disappears for months at a time.
  • Yoga. Today, I’m writing this when I’m supposed to be on the mat. After three weeks of daily yoga, I’m more flexible than I’ve been since the age of twelve. If I wanted to–I don’t–I could easily chew on my toes. A year ago–when I actually wanted to chew on my toes–I couldn’t.
  • Write. I wish this didn’t feel like work, but it does. I’m making it harder on myself by playing yesterday’s Texas-Tampa Bay baseball game on mlb.tv on the 2nd monitor right here in front of me.
  • Read. Out of all on this list this is the one I never miss. I read every day, without fail.
  • Strength Training. I’m so glad muscles need to rest 48 hours between sessions; I would hate to be forced to lift every day. It’s not in my genes to get big–or even particularly strong, but my head is in a better place when I’m doing this at least twice a week.
  • Biking. Again, I don’t have to bike dozens of miles, but it’s a half-ass day when I don’t plant my ass on a bike and ride.

Today, I plan on checking off every single one of these, so I better get busy. The writing is done; It’s time to chew on my toes.


4 Responses to “A Full Day Ahead”

  1. NurseWrachette October 10, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    My Dear friend,
    Although I am fairly planted in a chair due to health issues, I fully support your meditation goals. I would love to be able to send to you some wonderfull Buddhist chants I find incredibly soothing and introspective.

  2. 4eternalsunshine October 13, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    Well, I was feeling really good about myself until I read this… now I just feel like a worthless slacker!!

    • fightn4it October 13, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

      Ha. That’s how I’m feeling right now. I woke up feeling blah, didn’t do my routine, and then slept from 9:15 to 1.

      • NurseWrachette November 4, 2010 at 6:50 am #

        Hey I havent heard from you lately!!! Missing your posts. I also wanted to know if you have any great Vegan Thanksgiving recipies?!

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