What I learned today

18 Aug
This is a ballcock

A ballcock, invented by Mr. Crapper.

  1. Today I learned that if I’m going to continue to run up the basement steps, I should be more careful.
  2. I may have a new favorite part of my day: when the school bus pulls up to me and I see a little head pop up, then it glides towards the front, the doors open, and there’s Ainsley with a big smile on her face, after a day of mastering Kindergarten.
  3. I do like the freedom that comes with both kids in all-day school, but I miss them terribly. Bittersweet.
  4. I may have locked in a new weekday habit of spending my mornings sipping “gourmet” coffee, writing, reading, thinking, and listening to funky music at Sacred Grounds, a vegetarian café.
  5. To smile as much as possible, every day, even it rotten moods.
  6. Thomas Crapper, although a plumber, did not invent the flush toilet. It was invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596. Crapper did, however, help popularize it. He did invent the ballcock mechanism used to fill toilet tanks. Ballcock is also hilarious to say. Ballcock. Ballcock. Ballcock. Finally, he was not the origin of the word crap, but his name may have helped popularize it.

What a day.


4 Responses to “What I learned today”

  1. Lunar Euphoria August 18, 2010 at 11:46 pm #

    Great lessons to learn! I particularly enjoyed that bit of toilet trivia.

  2. 4eternalsunshine August 19, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    There is a big pine, yellow-ish(prob from cig. smoke)china cabinet in Sacred Grounds. It used to be in my childhood home. There used to be glass sliding door in it, I think they keep tea and coffee beans there now?( if it is still in there) we keep china in there that I think my Mom used 1 time. The phone was there (so it was the “hot spot” in our house. THE “BILLS” were kept in there..so I knew when Dad opened those glass sliding doors on Sat. morning to get the bills out…there would be BIG arguments to follow and the rest of the day my parents would be pissed…I guess my favorite memory is my little brother leaping off of it with a towel tied around his neck..LOL If that China cabinet could talk.. Oh the stories it could tell 🙂 I also lived in the apartment down below for a couple years and if you look across the street above Laurie’s, I lived up there when i was in 1st and 2nd grade…So now you learned some more new stuff…you’re facinated by my story, i know;)

    • fightn4it August 20, 2010 at 6:22 am #

      Wow, your footprints are all over downtown. Must have been noisy living above a bar. I’ve looked at the coffee beans and tea, but never really paid attention to the cabinet. Of course, now I will. How did they end up with it?

      • 4eternalsunshine August 20, 2010 at 9:11 am #

        Ralph & Daves IGA grocery was where Lauries is and a small bar called Spanky’s…and ya it was LOUD and drunks would pass out on the step at the front door. And at our back door was the old Madison.Co.jail(now the MC transit),you could her the prisoners yell out the barred windows.. we lived there for a short time after my Dad lost his job in New Orleans. My Grandparents owned the building at the time. My Grandma owns the building Sacred Grounds is in, so back in the day when my Dad tried to remodel the kitchen he moved it up to Old Moose building, so I am sure that is how Jennifer ended up with it…

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