You’re smashing the wraps

14 Aug

Today we relied on electric and pedal power to get around. We traveled 5.9 miles round trip. I know how many miles because I’m tracking my transportation miles. It’s right up there on the “I Get Around” page. The goal is to drive as little as possible. Most people (of course, that used to be me too) jump in their cars without even thinking about other alternatives. Now we first turn to our  legs, our bikes, and our public transportation system. The benefits are 1) we all get lots of exercise 2) we don’t pollute our own little place on the planet and 3) we keep the money that would otherwise go to BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, etc.

First we went to Border’s and sat around reading for an hour and a half. I had an iced coffee that I slurped down in about 3 minutes and then a hot coffee. The girls had handmade strawberry-flavored sodas. They used to get cocoa trios until I found out how many calories it contains: 370. That sh*! shouldn’t even be on the children’s menu.

Then we almost adopted a Shih Zu at Petco. Whew. Close call there. It was stinkin’ adorable. I asked the girls if we could trade in our dog. Emphatic “NO.”

We had lunch at the Dierberg’s salad bar. Well, actually, we didn’t stand at the salad bar with forks eating right from the tin bins, we took our food to the front in the little dining area. I expected it to be a ten dollar lunch, but Chloe’s salad tipped the scales at 1.5 pounds and cost $8 in itself. Ainsley’s weighed about a pound ($5), mine .75 lb.($3). Maybe that’s why I’m so hungry right now–I had a skimpy salad.

Now we come to the photo up there. We almost bought too many groceries for only bringing one bungee cord. For a second I considered leaving Ainsley so that we could safely secure the food, but then I realized that once Chloe and I got home, I wouldn’t feel like going back to get her, so I squeezed her in there to the detriment of our whole wheat wraps. 🙂  At one point we dropped Chloe’s leftover salad in the road and had to circle back to scoop up the container.

It was an adventure, which is what life is all about, right?


2 Responses to “You’re smashing the wraps”

  1. Lisa August 14, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    As long as I got to ride on the thingamajig when the walking gets old and you buy me a strawberry soda, I’d be down for the struggle. Otherwise, I’m hitting the car. I’d love walking to a book store though as long as it isn’t above 90 if it’s a bit of a jaunt.

    • fightn4it August 14, 2010 at 6:39 pm #

      Deal! lol.

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