Mustard and Garlic and Plums, Oh My!

11 Aug

The heat index is 107º and I just bussed two miles to Dierberg’s and pedaled two miles home carrying this stuff on my bike.

  1. A head of garlic
  2. Another head of garlic
  3. Jar of Dijon mustard
  4. A white-fleshed nectarine
  5. Another white-fleshed nectarine
  6. A giant plum
  7. Another giant plum
  8. Head of red lettuce
  9. A kiwi
  10. Another kiwi
  11. A banana
  12. Another banana
  13. Yet another banana
  14. Onion
  15. Another onion
  16. A bunch of dates (I don’t want to go upstairs to count them)

If you have a bike and you find yourself wishing you could carry some stuff on it, I recommend a rear rack and a couple of large panniers. Then you can keep that car parked once in awhile.


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