Chill out and get on the floor with your kids

25 Jun

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in life. If your hair is on fire, you still have a few seconds to be present for your kids. Life isn’t an emergency.  I’m happiest when I realize that I can drop whatever I’m doing, look Ainsley (or Chloe) in the eye, and just listen to her, or offer to color a picture. I never regret it. I realize that when I’m old, wrinkled, senile, and diapered I won’t look back and think that I should have worked harder. I’ll be thinking about my daughters, grand kids, great-grand kids, and my next diaper change because I’ll probably be a little soggy and stinky (can’t wait for that). The important moments have nothing to do with money and the shit we spend our money on: clothes, cars, electronic ab stimulators. So, come on parents, don’t get worked up about that asshole who cut you off on the way home from work. Forget about it, go home, leave the television off, and give your kids some quality attention.

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